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MotoGP track Twin Ring Motegi layout     Twin Ring Motegi
     Track country: Japan
     Track length: 4801m, 2.983 miles
     Track width: 12-15m
     Longest straight: 762m, 0.473miles

    Track left corners: 6
    Track right corners: 8
    Track time zone: GMT +9
    Track web address:
    Track location: Circuit is 100km from Tokyo Narita Airport.

Twin Ring Motegi - track information

Honda constructed the 4.801km circuit, which also incorporates an Indy Car style oval, in 1997 in the hilly countryside 100kms north of Tokyo. It was a massive construction project and the complex also includes the famous Honda Museum and a hotel.

The track has a comparatively long back straight but a series of slow corners and also two tunnels which allows the oval to run round the outside. The circuit staged its first grand prix in 1999, the very wet Japanese Grand Prix, which was won by the Kenny Roberts riding the Suzuki. Roberts won the Pacific Grand Prix the next year at the track but after that it became the domain of the circuit owners Honda and also the Honda Pons team.

Valentino Rossi won the 500cc race at the Pacific Grand Prix in 2001 but after that Sito Pons's Honda team have won three races in a row. Alex Barros won on his first appearance on the RCV four-stroke Honda in 2002. A year later Max Biaggi brought the Camel Honda team success and in 2004 Japanese Grand Prix, Makoto Tamada totally dominated the proceedings. Not only did he win the 24 lap race, but he also started from pole position and set the fastest lap, riding the Camel Honda.

Twin Ring Motegi - travel information

Approaching using the JOBAN expressway: from the toll gate, head towards Kasama for 200m, then left at first signal, and right at next. This road merges into Prefecture 52. Follow Mito-Motegi road, Prefecture 51 to arrive at south gate. Approaching using the TOHOKU expressway: from the toll gate follow National route 119, merging into National route 4. Turn left towards Yanagida Bridge, taking Prefecture 69, merging into National road 123 to arrive at circuit north gate.

Twin Ring Motegi - address and contact information

Twin Ring Motegi Ltd
120-1 Hiyama Motegi-Machi
Haga-gun Tochigi-keny
321-3597 Japan

Tel: +81 2 85 64 0200
Fax +81 2 85 64 0209

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