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2008-02-11  Suzuki officially presents GSV-R MotoGP racer
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Suzuki GSV-R MotoGP racerSuzukiís 2008 GSV-R is its second generation 800cc four-stroke prototype Grand Prix machine, and is the most complex and technically advanced racing motorcycle Suzuki has ever produced. Rizla Suzuki MotoGP is pleased to release the first images of the 2008 Suzuki GSV-R accompanied by a technical specification and interviews with the machineís riders, Chris Vermeulen and Loris Capirossi.

This latest version of the GSV-R has been developed using direct feedback from the Grand Prix race team, in addition to the work of Suzukiís own test riders and experimental technology engineers, and has undergone vigorous examination and refinement to create the most competitive four-stroke Grand Prix machine that Suzuki has ever produced. The 2008 Rizla Suzuki MotoGP GSV-R (Codename: XRG1) has been developed with the clear target of improving its acceleration, in addition to significant other improvements to aerodynamics, chassis performance and electronic systems.

The key focus for the improvement in acceleration exists within the GSV-Rís highly evolved V-4 engine. The XRG1 power plant has achieved this goal via the refinement of every performance detail of the 2007 GSV-R (XRG0) engine, without compromising the fundamental design, excellent durability and high efficiency.

The package of greatly updated Mitsubishi ECU and 2008 GSV-R engine, with lower fuel consumption than 2007, should combine to provide higher engine performance and increased usability.

Further refinements on a wide range of details have also been achieved on the XRG1 chassis, although the fundamental structural design follows that of the XRG0. Its cornering performance and change of direction has also been further improved from the former models, further enhancing the GSV-Rís handling capability. A newly designed fairing has been developed for the machine to reduce wind resistance further and to ensure enhanced handling characteristics.

The combination of the latest developments in Suzukiís prototype Grand Prix machine, allied to the ever evolving Bridgestone tyres, makes the 2008 Rizla Suzuki GSV-R sure to be a regular competitor for podiums and race wins in the hands of Vermeulen and Capirossi as the 2008 MotoGP World Championship visits 18 different racetracks around the globe.

Chris Vermeulen:
The new bike looks great and is already a lot better to ride than last yearís GSV-R. It feels quicker and I am able to get on the power better out of the corners. The handling is even better than it was so that is a huge plus - because it was very good already! Suzuki has worked really hard on this bike and listened to what we wanted, and tried to come up with a solution for everything we gave them. It is not quite the finished article yet, but I am sure that when the season starts it will be pretty close to it!

Loris Capirossi:
I have been with Suzuki a short while but for me they are very switched on and are trying their hardest to make the bike the best it can be for the new season. I still feel like I have a new toy! Suzuki is certainly listening to what we want. We asked for changes after each test and the next time we have ridden the bike they have been made, so that is all good. The bike also looks great with the new design; I love the colour and look forward racing in it!

Fumihiro Oonishi Ė Race Group Leader:
We have developed this yearís bike with the clear aim to improve its acceleration as our main target and this has been achieved with various improvements to its engine, chassis and electronics.

We have tried to refine and improve on every detail of last yearís bike while still keeping the durability that was such a large factor in the GSV-Rís performances during 2007. We have lower fuel consumption, and this matched to higher engine output and an easier to ride bike. We are sure that this will be a good combination and provide us with good results in the 2008 MotoGP races.

There are lots of other changes to this yearís GSV-R and these, combined with the base package of the bike and Bridgestoneís superb tyres, give Suzuki what it believes to be an excellent machine for this seasonís challenge!

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